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Whats The Best Thing Ever?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by RexDangerVest, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Damn it .... you've got me , dead to rights .

    I noticed shortly after posting that I'd talked myself into a bit of a corner there ( logically speaking )
    but I decided that probably nobody would notice ( wrong .... again ! )

    Do we have an emoji on here for " hands-up " ?
    If not , maybe we ought to have one .... Ha !

    I suppose I could re-write my post ,
    or maybe we can start a linguist debate about using comparatives versus superlatives
    .... that's a guaranteed chuckle fest , isn't it ?

    All said in jest BTW ..... sometimes emojis just don't make it clear enough ....

  2. :p
  3. I know it is hard to believe but it seems there are people on the Internet who have even more time on their hands than we do and have debated this logic/linguistic point extensively.

    Here is a link so you don't have to re-invent the wheel, which, come to think of it, is another idiom that might not stand up to rigorous analysis!

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  4. Thanks for the support , but I fear that we are not heading for the intellectual high ground on this one .
    And since sliced bread has somehow become a factor in the discussion , I respectfully ask that this be entered
    for consideration

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  5. I hope that guy never has kids with her because not only is she astonishingly dim, she also seems like a right harpy, and there lies a lot of unhappiness if you're tied to someone like that for 18 years.
  6. I first saw that over a year ago , and it really got me thinking on two possibilities -

    a] it's a total spoof , and she is a talented actor playing a very well scripted part , or
    b] there is a drastic flaw in our system of education , and that girl has slipped through the net

    If it's option [a] then take a look at this , because Julia Davis has already taken it to the highest level

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  7. I did wonder if it was a set up because she doesn’t ask why he is filming her or IIRC, tell him to put his phone down when she’s getting arsey. If so, then you’re right that she’s a very good actress.

    That “thick people” clip is brilliant. I’ve seen it before but it was definitely worth another watch. It reminds me of that Mark Twain quote “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”, which is advice I wish I applied more often.
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  8. Life :) and everything that goes with it
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  9. The beauty of it is that she ground the guy down so much that he lost it ,
    and so his colleague probably tells him he's already seriously compromised ,
    and that the best option is to give her whatever she wants , and get her out of the place ,
    before senior management get wise to it .

    It's a bit like the strategy that banks use , but in reverse .....
    If you lose your rag in an argument with a bank , you gift them the high ground
    because you shouted or swore , and you then get labelled as "difficult" or " offensive "
    which somehow gives them the right to ignore you , or give you the runaround ,
    forever more .
    Don't forget the message ...." Your call may be recorded , to help us improve customer service "

    BTW - your new avatar looks a little sinister ..... :):D:cool:
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  10. I will change it when we are all released from house arrest and I'm in a better mood.

    Actually, I was not at all in a bad mood when it was taken. Just the opposite in fact as I was in a nightclub (remember those? having a great time. It was only 3 or 4 years ago but it feels like a long time ago now as I've stopped philandering, moved to the countryside and settled down, plus lockdown has kind of divided life into "before" and "after".
  11. I think that same couple have done a few vids, including one where she thinks Britain should be warmer then Spain as it's nearer the sun.
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  12. I’m sure they are all spoofs. Well done spoofs though.
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  13. Can we now move away from the dubious BC/AD for defining time and use BL/AL instead?
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  14. I vaguely remember something called sex, if my memory serves me right it was quite pleasant..............

  15. My most recent pets were cats. Both were awesome, but George (The Male and first by a few years) was the best. Almost a dog. We lived in a neighborhood of 65 homes all on 1 acre lots. He was free to be outside or in once big enough that we didnt fear the Hawks as much. Some of the Owls could still have taken him as an adult (we did the same with Quinn) Once they are allowed out the litter box goes away. He was practically a Dog. He would run back and forth in the yard following the kids as they played, and even go play with my sons friends at their house if my kids were not around.
    He would also follow us as far as we walked in the neighborhood. He would be close, maybe 20FT. Quinn (The female) would follow another 40FT back, but always like a commando darting bush to bush. Add to that my Son walking with us with his giant Bearded Dragon on his shoulder and we were quite the sight.
    I left the cats with the Ex when we divorced.

    A friend of mine during that same time bought a Lab for his boys when they were around 8 or 9. He lived even more rural than we did. He said he did it so that the boys would have a protector when they were out in the forest gallivanting around.
    He said it was a Lab because they naturally fetched. He taught his boys to throw the tennis ball a little before they walked off. The dog would then go anywhere they did as long as the ball was in their pocket.
    Worked like a charm. Never a leash. He would even wait outside the door of the house the boys went into as long as they threw the ball again and then walked inside with it.
    Funny thing was, George the cat would also wait outside my Son's friends house if he walked over to have a sleepover.
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  16. I can't tell if you're being serious but so obviously a spoof, to me anyway. I guess i have an advantage here as soon recognised "the receiving party" as a long time supporting comedian/actor.
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  17. Flying a jet when I was 14.
  18. Say what?
  19. I was in the air cadets , we were marshals at Filton Air Show , as a thank you they picked 2 names out of a hat to fly in the private jet of the MD of Rolls Royce , we flew to Derby , dropped off the MD , before we took off , the pilot tossed a coin , I won , and chose to be co pilot for take off and half the flight , during the flight the pilot asked if I would like to take control , he even let me bank it , it was an amazing experience , the plane was a Hawker Sidley 125 .
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  20. :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:

    There should be an emoji on here for " Jealous as F**k "
    .... but there isn't ....
    what are you gonna do ? ( as Homer says )
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