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What's Your Mileage?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by gazza77, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Hyperstrada - 9,000
    Desmo - 3,100
    Pani R - 900 o_O
    1098R - 1,600 although it did have a speedo change at 6,000 :innocent:
    350LC - 20,000
    Vespa - 30,000 km
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  2. 2011 848 0n just over 12K.

    I got it with 10400 on it end of June. 1500 miles since and one track day :)
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  3. Pike’s Peak Multistrada 14 months old 10,400 miles done now love it
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  4. 2017 Supersport 17,000 miles.
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  5. Any issues during that time?
  6. '94 900SS 73,000 - had 5,500 on when I got it in July '95
    98 916SPS 48,750 - had 9900 on when I got it in April '05
    Annual average total under 6000 - must try harder.
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  7. 2002 ST4 now about 11,800 miles :eek: must try harder.....
    I reckon 1600 this year so far
  8. Multistrada 1200s ,2013.
    48000 miles ( must slow down )- doing the Desmo service now.
  9. Id just like to add that, that MCN "Ride 5000 miles" thing is a load of shit....while i "do the mileage that i do" and the bikes that ive got have the mileage that they got...theres no fucking way on this earth im gonna go out on the thing pointlessly just to do 5k or add 5k to my bike for no reason....not only that while personally i dont mind bikes with high mileage as long as theyve been looked after i think 95% of the biking population probably do....so to the masses your almost making your bike more worthless, as it were....just had to get that in there...
  10. Multistrada 1260S 15 months old and almost 23k "fun" miles, off to Poland next week so that will be another 2k :eek: as you can tell I hate the damn thing :joy:.

    1098R averaging 1200 miles a year.
    1198SP a few track miles each year.
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  11. Got mine new 2 months ago, done 1k miles which includes 2 trackdays. Normally do about 3k a year but hoping to do a bit more on this one.
  12. 2018 Xdiavel S (Faith) bought new in July 2018... We've just clocked 5600 miles.

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  13. Nothing at all. Perfectly reliable.
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  14. That's good miles on the ss.. any drama?
    I got my 97 one 2 years back with 6k on it, I've added 7k to that and love the thing
  15. Rear cyl Head stud at 14,000 - Baines replaced them all.
    Rectifier at 33,000 replaced with one sourced from a place in Blackburn - Newtronic? or something. - Still on and working fine.
    Frame cracked on top tube near headstock at 5 years old, replaced FOC by Ducati - Marcol charged me for the labour and were a bit arsy about the job.
    Piston Rings at around 45,000.
    Valve guides done at around 50,000.
    Just done its first fork seal at 73,000.
    Smoking a bit on the over-run again now.
    Still Loving it.
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  16. Had my 998 for 8 years. Bought a new MT09 in March, and clocked up more miles on that than I've done on the 998.
  17. Is this because you are determined to keep the 998 mileage down to keep its value high, it is ball achingly painful to ride, you always have access to another bike or bikes or is the MT09 just so good you cant stop using it ?
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  18. Great to see so many high mileage Dukes. I thought I had done well taking a couple well past 40k but I obviously have some way to go. Literally.
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  19. That ain't bad!! Don't think ya can even count the rectifier as that happens on loads of bikes, not just dukes..
    It's a pretty good add for an older school tech Ducati! Hope you get many more miles outta it...
  20. MT09 is just a nicer thing to use. Way more comfy, easier to hustle along on. Just more "fun" on 90% of the roads. Having said that, having recently been on a trip to Germany on the MT, due to their much better roads I did find myself wishing I'd got the 998 with me.
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