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821 Wheel Axel Nut Sizing

Discussion in 'Monster' started by iBike, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Riding a monster 821.

    Little confused about rear wheel removal and also mixed messages about the socket size required.

    Do I require the ducati super special expensive adaptor, or can I use normal metric socket?

    If the socket, this is 36 or 46mm?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Laser sockets are pretty good, I have a 55mm one for my Multistrada. They do make a 46mm one, not sure about 36mm but I reckon yours is the former. Someone will be along to confirm shortly.

    Don't be tempted by alloy socket that appear on eBay, they don't last. The Laser ones are steel and up to the task.

    Edit: just checked some pics, not a single sided swing-arm so could easily be 36mm. In which case a regular socket should be OK.
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  3. Thread moved and title changed to suit
  4. No, I've seen these alloy sockets. The nut is torqued to 145Nm, which is more than most 1 litre bikes.... Think you're correct, something a little harder is in order.

  5. No, on both the 821s that I have access to, they were not too bad. The 56mm on the Supersport was another matter, a 6 foot breaker would not shift it!
  6. My Panigale 959 used a normal 36 mm twelve points socket. Most likely the same on the 821 as it has the same wheels.
    A long breaker bar and a torque wrench are must have tools.

    Hi Bob, most single sided Ducati swing arm axles use 55 mm 12 pts nuts.
    Are you sure about that 56 mm or is that just a typo?
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  7. Defo 36mm twelve point. I’ve got a three foot torque wrench, and it shifted it fine.
  8. Yeah confirm normal 12 point 36mm socket.

    Used s breaker bar + needed to get my right leg out. It was on tight!

    Torqing it back to 145Nm was easy enough though. I guess nut slowly tightens itself due to inertia while bike us being riden hence the difficulty in removing.

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