When The Fonz.. Visited My Daughters School

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PeterT, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Forgot I had these on an old SD card
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  2. What day did he visit?
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  3. Dont know but it Was A Happy Day...
  4. Did she have any idea who he was? Or did all the kids think they were auditioning a new Grandad?
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  5. I bet The Fonz wasn't allowed to say "Heyyyyy. Sit on it"
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  6. No one really knew who is was apart from the Dads and teachers
  7. Henry Winkler, what a name

  8. Did he tell them that if all else failed they should buy a leather jacket, a motorbike and hang out with school kids eating burgers until they were 40?
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  9. 50+ and counting :cool:
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  10. the teacher could at least feign interest... guess it was the absence of the leather jacket. guy's a living legend.
  11. I don't remember our female teachers looking like her :)
  12. Did they have female teachers in borstal Ron? :thinkingface:
  13. She's giving him plenty in the first picture, looks like she had to be handcuffed in the 2nd :thinkingface:
  14. He visited my wife's school too. We have a signed book somewhere.

    He is a big campaigner for kids with learning issues, dyslexia in particular.
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  15. did he perform cunningham on the teacher ??
  16. He writes and is in something called Hank Zipzer, which my daughter used to watch. If you like him, then you really must watch something called Better Late Than Never. In essence a travel show with him, Bill Shatner, George Foreman and some American football legend. Quite funny viewing.
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  17. I thought he was dead