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Where Has My Clutch Gone?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Skidpanalley, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. The bike (a 1991 750 SS) has been sat on paddock stands for six months with a battery tender fitted. The battery has boiled half dry in the meantime, so I haven't tried to start it yet, but...
    There is no pressure at the clutch lever and the fluid level is low, but not empty. I topped it up and pumped the lever but it still feels the same and there are no bubbles at the bleed valve. What has happened do you think? This is my first Ducati, so all suggestions are gratefully received. I know my way round a tool kit (years of maintainence of older Japs and Urals) but hydraulic clutches are not something I've had an issue with before. Could a seal have gone in the slave cylinder and dumped brake fluid into the sump?
  2. Got it in one. :upyeah:clutch slave tends to leak if left unused, particularly if it's got a few years on it already. The leak is often disguised as the fluid mingles in with the general grime* around the crankcase/chain/sprocket. Depending on which slave, you can just get a repair kit.

    *I shouldn't assume this of course!
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  3. It won't have gone into the sump though.
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  4. Excellent, thanks for that, guys. Mine is a very early one, frame number 4 hundred and odd with a dry clutch and integral slave. The ones for sale from Oberon appear to be external, I'm hoping that they do the early one too. Can anyone confirm this one way or the other? Cheers. [​IMG]
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  5. ah, ok, picture helps, forget what I said then re: leak, when you start to take the cover off it might weep from the bottom or might be doing it already. You will have to go the seal and piston route, I can't remember details but I think it's the same seal as the early exterior type that suceeded yours. Won't do any harm to ask Oberon but pretty certain that they don't sell your slave type. Yours might be a 750 i owned! (looks a bit too clean though).

    I couldn't remember if piston interchangeable also, this claims it is:-



    you can at least follow up the Ducati part numbers in above ads if nothing else. ^
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  7. Thanks for the link - had a look, mine is the 91 variant, unfortunately
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  8. Brilliant - cheers for this. These are new lines of enquiry that I can follow
  9. yes, you are right, I didn't study your pic enough, yours is not my old bike I can conclude, you can hopefully cross-reference parts and see if seal is the same - similar fitted to Paso and earlier (belt) SS also.
  10. Cool, this is all helpful stuff.
    I've done some parts # cross checking and some parts of the assembly are available, others aren't.
    Next, I'm going to open it up and have a look to see what's knackered and what isn't, then hope that the bits I need are the bits I can get.
    If the worst comes tot he worst, Stein-Dinse list the entire assembly as available for 150eu or so, but I'm hoping Oberon will come back to me with an option.
  11. Rang Oberon today as they haven't bothered to respond to an email. I was told that they do not stock any replacement parts for the internal clutch slave. Whilst this information doesn't help me (at all) it may help the next guy along with the same problem. Looks like a full unit from Stein Dinse is going to be the answer. When I'm not working every hour God sends, I'll get in the garage and give the bike a couple of coats of looking at.
  12. I'm sorry I haven't layed hands on any for dimensions yet, hopefully someone else will, pretty certain they adopted same seal dimensions for later version, and possibly right up to modern types.
  13. Cheers Chris
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