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Which Naked For The Track ?

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Android853sp, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Get the full fat model if you can.
  2. What do you mean by ‘full fat’ as I’m not familiar with the differences ? Andy
  3. @bradders, ASFAIK, this, https://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/aprilia/Aprilia_Tuono_V4_1100_factory_19.html, is what I’m looking at. At first glance, it has had a bit of money thrown at it, with an Akrapovic slip on end can, some fairly tasteful carbon and case protectors. Never been tracked of course :joy: although the tyres look OE for the 2000 miles it’s done, so I might be jumping to conclusions. Salesman said the protectors have been removed to check for damage and everything was okay. Andy
  4. There was a 1290 KTM next to the Aprilia in the showroom, side by side the KTM did not win the beauty contest :joy: Andy
  5. I agree, but from an equipment, handling and performance pov I think it takes some beating for the money.
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  6. Ohlins and all the electronics.
  7. Akro was a deal on some new bikes a while back, make sure it has the ecu upgrade as it makes a lot of difference apparently. My mate is in his third, used it for work, road, track. He’s him having fun at Philip island a couple of years ago
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  8. Yep, had a hoot with my KTM SDR round Cadwell. Very capable track day bike :):upyeah: Ride there, track hoonage, ride home for tea. Recommended... :D
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  9. Went for a test ride today. First impressions are, it’s smooth and very quick but I found the handling skittish, which I guess is due to a shorter wheel base than the V4 ? The front brakes are fierce and the suspension, even on a mid setting, is very firm. Turns out the bike has a full fat Akrapovic de cat system and has been mapped to suit. Up shift is accompanied by a back fire and it is L O U D ! Didn’t think the blipper was as slick as my V4 but still very good. Overall a very good bike but unfortunately, it has one fatal flaw for me, the flat handle bars are too far forward and too low so the riding position is no different to my V4 :sob: Have located an after market bar riser that increases the bar height by 28mm so need to follow up on that before making a decision. Sat on a ‘17 MT10 SP in the showroom, the riding position is better, bars aren’t so flat or as far forward but it is cheap and plasticy in comparison. Andy
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  10. The launch control is mega on those Andy. Pin the gas, dump the throttle, let it get on with it!!
  11. Triumph then. You will love it.
  12. This month's 16340616537698293757567465909323.jpg
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  13. Hang on just one minute you - you - there you....:D

    Mine from a few years ago. Nicest bike I have ever owned.

    The thought of it even falling on its side - never mind sliding into a gravel trap :eek:

    There would probably be quite a repair bill as all those bits would likely be ripped clean off, if it slid down the road.

    I think they cut the top end power from the R1 motor so it is not as quick as an R1. People moan about brakes on track, but all that is out of my experience so cannot comment.

  14. I shared a garage with a bloke on one of those at Donington. He’d blinged it up to death with carbon everything and I must admit it did look rather smart. It was clearly his pride and joy. He was a nice friendly chatty bloke.

    He was running in the novice group and easing himself into track time. When his group was out I wandered over to the pit wall and looked down towards Redgate. As I did so I instantly caught sight of a headlight (!!!???) and realised it was a bike bouncing towards the gravel trap end over end. It was him. Mr Chatty and his MT10. Poor bastard. I felt so sorry for him…. His bike was totalled. A sober reminder o_O
  15. Shame - I bet that knocked the wind out of him as well as totaling his bike.

    Keep calm and carry on as they say !
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  16. S1000r
    Blistering speed, handles very nice, great feel from the brakes. Stick an mra touring screen on to reduce windblast with no performance drop off.
    Owned a 1290 gt later and thought the S1000 motor was far faster.
  17. I bought mine as a compromise for fast road, touring & track. It didn’t work ;)

    One major tip: ditch the textile and wear leather when riding these bikes. The wind blast around 80 and plus can be tiring and make you wish you’d bought something else (road use obvs)
  18. Agree with that tip @bradders , I find my lovely Meccanica leather jacket far better at resisting 'fast air' than my Dianese textile when riding the Hyper.
  19. Brakes ok for road use but soon go off when on track.
  20. Now going to the NEC in December, so an opportunity to put my bum on a few bike seats, the Triumph very much on the list. Andy
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