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Windy Miller In Action

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by MADASL, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Got to love a new workshop toy.

    More done in house now. IMG_20200205_132858.jpg
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  2. why are you gutting out a clutch housing ?
  3. To lighten, help clutch cooling in track oh and because I now can.

    Just testing out feed speeds and holding schemes for the new machine in this case.

    Will post finished article picture soon.
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  4. Old skool… hacksaw and files. :upyeah:

    project8.JPG project14.JPG
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  5. What is a wife for, if not to keep one going with tea and coffee ?...
    it's ok, she can't see me typing this..
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  6. Oooooh we like a bit of swarf here..... Nice machine:cool:

    Got any finished pictures...?
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  7. Soon
  8. 916 Speedo drive replacement spacer...
    Nice and easy does it!!
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  9. Nice I take it it's a manual milling machine
  10. Aye - old school and good for developing skills and techniques.
  11. Been a machinist all my life and completed my apprenticeship on a manual mill now run a 5 axis machine centre at a formula 1 team
    Can’t beat a bit of milling
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  12. We must keep in touch! Feel free to visit.
  13. Where are you based
  14. Mid Wales,
  15. I’m in Surrey so there’s a bit of distance but I am ment to be coming up your way at the end of April
    But if you need anything give me a shout
  16. Feel free to pop in. Chat machines and bikes over a cup of tea.

    Don't 'need' anything but probably need lots!!

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  17. Is there an unwanted touch on the screw post for the clutch cover?
  18. No, all as planned. Forgot to post a picture of the final version after finishing on the mill. Will sort tomorrow.
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