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Featured Winter Project Finished Then....

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Expat Jack, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. IMG_4369.jpg

    TRIUMPH 675 DAYTONA 2010

    Wet Weight (with 7 litres of fuel) 169kg

    Bike was bought with crash damage late last summer for a bargain price. I then fully repaired with Triumph parts for the road. MoT pass first time.

    Then work to convert to track bike. The K-Tech kit cost more than I paid for the bike and was the most expensive item. Most parts were sourced over the winter months from EBay. Paintwork was done by me using rattle cans and lots of tea.

    Finished the bike this morning bar a little fettling. Plan is to run this year as a minimum. First outing is Silverstone on 16th April and I cannot wait.


    · K-Tech DDS Lite shock
    · Hyperpro RSC top mounted steering damper
    · Forks stripped and rebuilt with K-Tech SSK fork kit. K-Tech springs. K-Tech oil
    · Suspension set up by Steve Jordan
    · Metzeler TD slicks (two sets of wheels – one slicks, other road)
    · LighTech rearsets, road pattern
    · Triumph lightweight (TORS) race exhaust (removable baffle fitted)
    · BMC race air filter
    · NGK iridium plugs
    · Brembo SC pads
    · Motul racing brake fluid
    · Calliper strip and new seals
    · Wheel bearings and seals
    · Skidmarks fairing and seat unit, rattle can paint & lacquer (Halfords)
    · Zero gravity race screen
    · SES lock stop
    · MPW Race nose cone and instrument bracket
    · QR filler cap
    · Samco blue coolant hoses
    · Halfords OAT coolant
    · Triumph QA throttle mod (throttle tube from Triumph 1050 fitted)
    · Front sprocket -1
    · Talon rear sprocket +2 and standard
    · GB racing / R&G Engine protection
    · GR Racing fork protection (not shown in pictures)
    · GB Racing brake guard
    · R&G carbon tank sliders
    · R & G bar end slider
    · R&G tank grips
    · R&G swing arm protection bobbins
    · Triumph OE Quick shifter
    · Hydraulic brake light switch (for MOT)
    · Triumph carbon exhaust end cover
    · Triumph carbon front mudguard
    · Triumph carbon shark fin
    · New OE clip on grips
    · Optimate lead

    IMG_4368.jpg IMG_4370.jpg IMG_4371.jpg IMG_4372.jpg IMG_4373.jpg IMG_4374.jpg IMG_4375.jpg IMG_4376.jpg IMG_4377.jpg IMG_4378.jpg IMG_4379.jpg IMG_4380.jpg
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  2. Stunning work EJ you must be rightly chuffed
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  3. Nice work mate, looks fantastic :upyeah::upyeah:
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  4. out of interest or ignorance mate, why the halfords coolant?
  5. excellent mate!

    interested to hear your thoughts on the 675
  6. Ah. The Halfords references are a bit of a joke with another member who is snobbish about such things. :cool:
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  7. I will report back. You can try it yourself at Donny in the summer if you like.
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  8. Very nice :)
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  9. NICE! ;-) work, Rich! :cool:
    #9 bettes, Apr 1, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2021
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  10. Cool Ian (geddit?).
    Can’t wait to terrorise some 959’s out there ;):)
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  11. Looks mega mate.

    Have you many trackdays booked this year?
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  12. Got 4 booked so far. 2x Silverstone April & June. Donny and Snetterton July.
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  13. You look to be a dab hand with a spray can Richard, well impressed.
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  14. Looks to pas the 6 paces test :upyeah:

    Good man :upyeah:
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  15. Looks fantastic, love the paint scheme
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  16. Thanks Chris. First attempt not great as I was impatient and
    it was too cold to spray really. The weather this week has allowed me to get it done then a bit of elbow grease cutting and polish.
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  17. Errrrrrr wow!
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  18. What a lovely black & red colour combination, well done you sir.:upyeah:
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  19. Cheers Pete. Needed some red on a Ducati forum. ;)
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  20. There's another member on here that says the colour you choose for your motorcycle sums up your sexual prefence, he will along later i guess.:worried:
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