1299 Won’t Start...help!

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  1. So, thought I would get out on the bike given this has been the first real nice day of the year so far and I was greeted with a no start as shown in the video link below. Any ideas? Bike was serviced 2 weeks ago, was starting fine and has been on a Ducati trickle charger since then but still no joy. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks, Andy

  2. Yours comes up Ducati racing, mine doesn’t do that, I feel left out!

    Check the battery, I wonder if it’s something to do with the immobiliser at the light keeps flashing?
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  3. My Ducati trickle charge has failed in the past, any way of checking the battery?
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  4. Haha, “Racing” comes from having the Akra upmap installed. Had similar thoughts re the immobiliser as it appears that could be preventing the start. Will check...
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  5. Thanks Rosso, will try to check tomorrow.
  6. Battery. Mine did that in Dover docks last year on the busiest day with queues back out the gates. Too many stops and starts and eventually the battery said "no more". Same symptoms. Mine was fine after I got it jump-started in Calais.
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  7. Thanks Razz, I may try to jump start it tomorrow if the weather’s OK - just started raining Thanks for the response.
  8. This will not get worse with the lithium bay heroes on the V4. Cold weather means no starts
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  9. Just to close this out it was the battery - or rather the crappy Ducati charger as the battery has since been charged successfully. Bought a replacement Yuasa anyway for just £55 from Halfords and she now works a treat. Another OptiMate 4 now on order to replace the broken one. Thanks for your help...
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