World Cup

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  1. Not been a football fan for years, but if every game was like the Spain Portugal one tonight, I would be again! Ronaldo...what a player!
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  2. Same here . Think I'll watch a few more games .
  3. They did a lot of running from one end to the other end. Looked quite tiring.
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  4. Yep same here. Just had it on in the background initially but soon became engrossed in it.
  5. Ronaldo, Lorenzo, both are floating on air right now.
  6. is that shit still on....
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  7. Who? Ronaldo the cheating bitch? Yes, he is still on.

    Why do you ask?
  8. Love him or loathe him you cannot deny Ronaldo’s skil, tenacity, athleticism and professionalism
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  9. To be honest, in a Spain vs Portugal match you're spoilt for choice when it comes down to conniving and cheating players.

    Having said that, it seems to be the norm in football nowadays, I think they should just have proper fights like in ice hockey, that'd give them something decent to cry about :upyeah:
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  10. It was a great game indeed. I was shattered and needed a kip but it was one of those games that made you put everything on hold. You just knew Ronaldo was going to put that free kick away towards the end. 10/10.... take a bow son!
  11. Football was on? Meh.....was out in the garage changing the battery on the 525 and re-soldering the starter wire as it broke.....much more interesting....I might tune in to watch england loose and crash out...I'm supporting them all the way to the quarter finals... :)
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  12. At the pub yesterday there was a blackboard that had written on it " all England games shown live on our big screen"
    So I got the chalk from the dart board and added a 3...
    Many locals were not impressed...
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  13. Probably not far off the mark tbf.... Having watched two good teams last night (Portugal and Spain) it made me think England looked so wooden (aka Shite).... We certainly won't be seeing another 'Michael Owen' goal or a Beckham 'special' free kick. No Rooney's or Gazza's. It's the most underwhelming team I can ever remember- and I'm 53!
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  14. Remember 'its a young team' 'building for the future' 'long term plan'
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  15. That's what they're pedaling but I don't buy it. I remember lying in a hotel room down in Stockbridge after I'd dropped my bike off at MotoRapido (time flies!) watching us get dicked in the last world cup by Suarez. Our team is probably worse now than it was then....
  16. Old Turnip Head said the same. They always do.
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  17. England will never win the world cup.....never have and never will.
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  18. Records suggest differently
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  19. Ronaldo's blatant diving, along with half the other players on the pitch last night was enough for me to give up on it. Undeniable amazing talent and dedication on show too of course... but dive, swear at the ref, capitalize from a set play that you cheated to get... I can't respect that.
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  20. Nonsense if they had ever won it we would have heard.
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