World Cup

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  1. Kinda agree with you Bradders
  2. Pickford man of the tournament, this game like Columbia the ref was not up to scratch.
    Hope we can finish third :)
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  3. Sterling is woeful. He runs and runs , falls over more than a lot and achieves SFA. Is he part of distractive tactics, whilst something else goes on in the background ? Never understood how he makes any team tbh

    Rashford , no skill or finesse. Schoolboy football , hit and hope.

    Harry Kane was way below parr and think he was carrying an injury for several games.

    But all said and done they did quite well as a team unit. Achieved a lot and it has to be said lost with dignity tonight.
    But they are not good enough,period. This was the semi final. Step up to the plate.
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  5. The first two games Kane was on fire but with Columbia and tonight with Croatia, it's almost as though he didn't turn up.
    First half for about 15 minutes we were energetic but then seemed to fade fast and missing opportunities had it been in the prem league they would not have missed. Second half Croatia was the better team and let's be honest, had we got to the Final France would have done us, they are very very good this year

    It's not all bad, they are young, will learn the disappointment that often helps build better things and for a change instead of a team with ego's, we had a team that seemed to genuinely wanted to play for England which we haven't had for a while.
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  6. "It's 28 years since England reached a world cup semi-final..."
    Actually, it's not; it's only three years.
    So now it's official - the overpaid underperforming lawn fairies are not as good as a team of girls !
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  8. I went a ride to Rutland Water found a pub that did food and wasn't showing the football roads were quite got home just as it finished brilliant game it's a pity England aren't in the final so I could do it again Sunday
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  9. He He He
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  10. Overrated from the start, Kane never turned up in the last two games, the only reason he is top scorer is because he takes the penalties, the whole team struggled to score in open play and as for the media calling them hero's, it diminishes the meaning of the word which should only be used for the likes of the Thia cave rescuers who put there own lives at risk to save others.
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  11. Second half they went 5 in the midfield and two very wide guys and tactically we had no answer. Also only one natural finisher on our team. All things to work on but the base and attitude is there
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  12. It was as if Croatia had three more players on the pitch, the pressing of the back three they did. There was no gap and no movement to create gaps in midfield.
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  13. It was the first real challenge where maturity and technical playing won over age.
    As for the sport itself, overrated and corrupt.. All these 'heros' that claim injury or injustice openly lie, and we sit there with our impressionable children encouraging them. Not a good lesson for the future.

    Shame they didn't go through.
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  14. He really grew into the role but, last night, seemed a little immature. Some of his dummy gestures were schoolboy nonsense. He got away with a few rash decisions too, thinking he can get everything.

    He has two great feet tho, and is happy to stick himself in amongst the big fellas and has agility and has shown he is England no 1 :upyeah:
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  16. From the start of the tournament we lacked in front of goal. Plenty chances in all games.
    But, not embarrassed like previous years when we had do called stars of world football. Been entertained, played with pace, defended well most of the time.
    Thumbs up from me TBH. Too easy to knock people down and criticise. Seems to be the way of the country at times.
    Referees as usual were not consistent and the 1st goal against us last night looked like it should have been a freekick for England, when their striker kicked the ball pretty much at head height of our defender?
    Rode our luck in other games and things have a habit of levelling out in the tournament.
  17. Well they did waaaay better than I expected. Got a bit leggy in the last 30 minutes of normal time and Croatia looked stronger all round. It got to the point I was hoping for extra time and pens.... ffs. Fair play to Croatia, good luck to them in the final.

    I enjoyed this World Cup while it lasted. It was quite exciting- a buzz. I was worried Scotland had been nuked such was their silence. Until the final whistle last night. Same old.... gotta get involved somehow I guess.
  18. All the way through I thought that folk were making a big fuss over a team that still hadn't played a really good side. They beat Panama, Tunisia, Sweden and Colombia, none that convincingly I might add. Then they lose to Belgium and Croatia. From my sofa, I thought the standard of all teams for this World Cup was low, illustrated by the fact, there's no big guns left in it. Am I the only one that thought England looked mediocre at best, and don't really look like world champions ??
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  19. Yes exactly. They're a second tier team and they performed exactly to the standard that if expect from that. The rest of the It's coming home talk was media exaggeration as usual.
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  20. Disagreed as they played above their average team ability and had a real chance of winning the trophy. Their team ethic, strong defensive approach could easily have nicked a goal and won.
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