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Featured World Mh Day!.... No Thanks X

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by NOODS X, Oct 10, 2020.

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    World Mental Health Day.. No thanks!

    Feels to me much like Valentine’s day, again, no thanks..

    i tend to concentrate on the positives i’ve received from the members on here which have stood me up and driven me onwards, you simply can’t put a price on support like that...

    My Brothers and Sisters with any MH issue i think of you, share with you and luv you ( inamanlywayobv) everyday.. not for just one day a year..

    for example ... no need for a Valentine’s day when you’ve someone like our @Ducbird to luv each and everyday.... X
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  2. Do I get a payout? I qualify!
  3. From an article in The Times about David Moyes and West Ham:
  4. Sweet!

    But it does address an issue so often Ignored
    I haven’t noticed any cards in my local Hallmark shop... thankfully.
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  6. I love this forum and the people in it :heart:
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  7. a manly hug of course my Son... X
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  8. i’m sure it won’t be long mte before you can buy them..
    i’m not a Royalist but i do have to say i think the work the young Royals are doing throughout the year is great though.. X
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  9. I have PTSD and have great days and horrible days and it still sort of effects my riding(the vision of a car coming at me head on) i just have to ignore and enjoy my riding, and there are some great people on here and enjoy banter and the occasion of helping members and vise versa, it has helped me greatly to cheer me up on crap days, and hopefully meet up with some members one day!:upyeah:
    As @NOODS X said it's not one day it's every day.
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  10. Wot? All of them? Let's get into the forum spirit and start a list of the unloved! I won't suggest any names as these things can bite me on the bum!!!
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  11. Are we in it? or on it? i’m confused..

    if i’m under the duvet i’m in bed, but throw the duvet off without moving and i’m now on the bed....? X
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  12. Wot? You're in bed together? I'm finding this very confusing...:eek:
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  13. We are in my dreams yes ... and in @Ducbird ’s nightmares mte.. X
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