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Would You/should I Buy A Bike Online???

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by RexDangerVest, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Apart from all Scots are happy to rip you off ;) the protection laws on Scotland ares so much less than rest of UK. Your version of trading standards are not interested, and the small claims limit is £5k. Added to that making a claim is also more difficult. You just cant speak to anyone.
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  2. I wasn't aware of differences in trading standards so I can retract my 'rude' remark :D
    However, your first comment about us whingeing, scrounging Jocks trying to rip you off :eek: how very dare you :D
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  3. Thanks for the heads up. I missed off whinging :p
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  4. Oh yeah, and miserable - apologies for the omission of miserable :D
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  5. No worries, There are plenty of people here in the US that will rip me off if given the chance. And even though we are...
    The United States of America... Our protection laws vary from state to state too

  6. Looks like a 4hr drive Saturday (If they dont close state borders...) and I will be the proud owner of a...
    2014 1200s (was there such a thing as a stripe that year?)
    Bunch of stuff.. Only 1 bare end mirror sucks...
    Steering Dampener and Marchesini wheels...
    5 thousand miles. Gorgeous. within driving distance...
    Termis, upmap, controls etc.

    $8500 out the door.

    Thank you to all who helped.


    Better pics later when it is mine

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  7. I have bought online in the last 2 weeks, scary, hell yea!
    However, lots of pics, video, and phone calls made me more at ease.


    I have a 3-month warranty anyway, so, buying from a shop/trader online sight unseen is possibly easier than all the fuss of getting there yourself.

    Actually, this is the second Ducati I have bought "sight unseen" I guess I have faith in Ducati owners, we/they love their bikes and look after them.

    Have a go!!!

    My first was the 1098 Streetfighter you see in my pic, and now the 1198. The SF, I flew from Cornwall to Leeds in leathers and carrying my helmet ready for the ride home, having never sat on it, having never ridden a 1098 Streetfighter before.
    Have a little faith, trust your "instinks" IMG_20200302_135017.jpg
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  8. Well, I saw online...
    Nobody, absolutely nobody would offer me anything here but to take my $$ and no guarantees... but they would promise to ship it...

    right now out $500. 4hr drive with the (I wish) GF... I inspect, handover cash and ride it home...
    I am sure I will get the $500 back if it is not what I expect...
    I guess there (if you are there) in the UK customer service counts for something...
    Here... well, they don't call it the All mighty dollar for nothing...

    right now... we have already had 50 percent of our yearly rain...
    23 inches!
    fingers crossed
    its supposed to rain Friday... and Sunday...
    My new rain gear arrives here after I get home with the bike

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  9. Good luck Rex, and yes I guess the UK has some benefits.
    We have also had all the rain we can cope with, I have ridden my new bike 3 times since delivery, and only one of those times was completely dry, and it has pissed it down since. There is no end in sight, oh and i'll have to "self isolate" soon no doubt.
    I might self isolate inside my helmet speeding down an "A" road outrunning the Coronavirus.

    Best of luck with your new bike and promising GF, it looks mint, loud and fast....lurve it.
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  10. I have bought loads of bikes, often Ducatis and often off private sellers sight unseen. In fact, that is how I usually do it unless the bike is close by or I know it has some issues which need to be looked at before pulling the trigger.

    Buying from a dealer gives you a lot more protection as you have the benefit of the various protective provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    Edit: just seen from another message that OP is in the U S and A, so obviously the CRA 2015 doesn't apply over there.
  11. Tada





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  12. Lovely looking bike you have there
  13. I have bought an restored Kawasaki h1f 500 from a dealer on the bay , being delivered tomorrow (yippee)
    Happy days , puddy :)
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  14. Yes, all of my bikes have been purchased on line and most from peeps on here.
  15. Bought this beauty without seeing it. Even had it shipped to my door

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  16. Yeah but.....

    I bought an 848 SF sight unseen and without ever riding one. Apart from the hellish 100m journey home in -1 temperatures and with sleet blasting in my eyes which ended with me dropping it on and breaking my left leg in my yard at 3am, the bike was great but I hated the damn thing. Too tall, weird riding position, sold it as soon as I could.
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  17. ok then :upyeah:
  18. Was that the fathers trucking company? :D
  19. You have to be happy with that....what a stunning looking Monster!
    And the sun is out too!
  20. 100 meters aint a long journey.... tbh if the weather was that bad i would have just pushed it home.... that said, knowing my luck, it probably would have ended with a broken leg also....
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