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Wow Just Wow

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by carson, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I know this is a Ducati forum and probably won’t get the same reaction as say a BMW forum but this thing is stunning

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  2. Sorry wrong forum...(wouldn’t say no though)
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  3. Dunno if it deserves a "wow just wow"
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  4. Not sure there’s a Ducati in the same price bracket that’s nicer looking but happy to be proven wrong
  5. Nice
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  6. Wow
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  7. Wow
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  8. Tough room :worried:
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  9. upload_2020-3-26_17-13-11.png
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  10. Really, problem is they didn't understand what class means, and its blue FFS.
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  11. V4S you are welcome :)

    Joke aside was puzzled to see the finish on the s1000rr stock bikes at NEC, basically same as Suzuki. Not that it really matters both are road legal race bikes..why spend ££££ on small details?
  12. All that attention to detail and they put wing mirrors on it that look like they cost £9.99 from some Chinese seller on eBay. Andy
  13. Would look better in black - with some subtle silver detailing and a red logo.

    They could call it the S1000 SS edition :thinkingface:
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  14. Nothing less than what I’d expect from the pretentious Ducatista
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  15. W W

    ( I have to bend over naked for the o), but you don’t want to see that.
  16. Cracker.... o_O doesn't look as out of place now...
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  17. Never been one of those, they are an odd bunch - I like Kawasaki's best :blush:
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  18. It’s a cracking looking bike for that price point. Not a Duc though, but a hell of a lot of power & style for £15k
  19. Handlebar looks quite high so probably a reasonably comfortable bike to ride.
  20. I guess if you’re going to buy something like that it’ll be kept as a road bike by the type of person that’ll spend as much time cleaning it as riding it

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