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Wsbk - Jerez

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by panibadboy, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. Must be a big one for Redding, he is really good at Jerez
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  2. When we were out there a few weeks ago HRC turned up and Haslam was floating around, I believe they were testing, so hopefully that will help them in Jerez WSBK round. I don't think Scott's got a chance at the title this year, which is a shame because he definitely won't have next year and maybe the year afterwards, and then suddenly you are a journeyman like Sykes/Laverty etc.

    Separate subject but I'm all in for Stoprack, I want him to beat Jonny after the stupid stuff that went on at magnycour, made even worse by Jonny's smug interview giving it "I hate the rule but the rules are the rules".... gggrrrrr.....
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  3. Chazley retiring at the end of the season and E Lav replacing Sykes this weekend.

    edit: just seen your other thread sorry Phil
  4. Will be interesting to see how Baz goes on the Ducati he’s done well in the Moto America series this year

  5. Racing cancelled today due to fatality in 300 race.
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  6. Terrible news and the second fatality in as many months in the junior classes. My thoughts are with the family and team. Andy
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  7. Terrible. Booth Amos is very vocal about what’s happening in that class and simply how dangerous it is
  8. he suck. will be average rider.
  9. Well that was a very good tight race between the two title contenders.
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  10. Is it a good TD track?
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  11. one of the best buddy! Everyone should try it!
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  12. It is. But rains more then Knockhill.
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  13. NL weekend was a disaster
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  14. Jerez is amazing! Best track I’ve ridden by an absolute mile! Was hot though when we were there a few weeks ago, 39 degrees.

    the racing was good, a Toprak masterclass really, people feel sorry that Jonny can’t get his bike stopped blah blah but Toprak pushing just as hard in other areas!
  15. Awesome place, one of the best. The run from turn 6 to 13 is epic, you can lay down lovely black lines thro’ turn 7 as you try and pile on the coals onto the short straight before turn 8 (which itself is a frustrating turn as you have to hold back a smidge to keep on the left side to make 9 quicker)
  16. Good to see Rea off the podium and not getting it his own way and a half decent result for Scott
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  17. Yeap. Redding has done a great job today, excellent racing from him
  18. So when is the best time of year for Jerez when everything isn't melting and Noah isn't getting twitchy?
  19. November or January/Feb
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