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Wsbk Spoiler

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by bradders, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Another win, 5 on the bounce now, for Champ-in-waiting Chaz

    Rae did enough to take a second consecutive title, so well done him

    But you wonder, if Chaz had not been so rash early season, would he be pushing for the win tomorrow...

    Poor old Sykes ;)

    Great to see Guitars back on the podium, allegedly heading back to BSB next year, and Hallam top 10 doing Brookes who's been there all year....
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  2. Chaz was having to over ride the bike till they got more power with exhaust mod. Could get 2nd overall if similar result in race2.
  3. It's a long run championship.
    Rea World champ, again. Can't wait for next year :)
  4. Agree. Let's hope Ducati don't wreck the bike over the winter. It's as fast as any out there, and the brake capability Chas shows is the best there is. Bar none.

    I'd love to see Chas on a MGP Ducati at some point..,
  5. Lisa Leyland wsbk pit lane presenter. Babe. With a bit of luck she can talk bikes but if she cant I'll forgive her.
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  6. More plastic than a room full of dolls...

    Awesome ride by Smith, great win to finish the season on one line against Sofu

    Hallam holding 5th at the mo...
  7. Rea is pushing hard after the restart.
  8. Good race, liked seeing rea properly grab that zx10 and throw it about!

    Feel for the likes of lowes and Brooke's, both epic riders but obviously having trouble with their machines.

    Looking forward to next year.
  9. Brookes. Well, what can you say. Never get a good ride again IMHO. Owes seems to just not be able to stay on. Shake summed it up well, that he just needs to come back 1 or 2% and he'd be right there...he's just all or nothing still, and wit a book that doesn't seem to be working well enough its always going to be disaster (bit like Chaz early in the year)
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