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Wtf - 2 Deletion Requests Just This Morning!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by El Toro, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. I've said this before, I think this is a great forum, I spend a fair bit of time on here being entertained and sometimes educated. Other times I can sit here and get really pissed off and narked by certain peoples opinions, especially if they differ to mine (which are always correct by the way), but I can't imagine I'd ever want to delete my account just because of a members point of view.
    If it was the forums point of view then that would be a different matter, but then I wouldn't join that forum in the first place.
    Perhaps there are a few who take offence to easily but if that is the case then why not just ignore that OP, but don't dismiss or denigrate the forum as it is clearly not the forums or mods opinion.
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  2. OK I'll stay @El Toro :)

    I must say the the outpouring of pleas via PM's for me to remain and give members the most informative, humourous, educated, eloquent and yet somehow sensual content has been quite overwhelming.:sun:
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  3. Yeah, @Exige can be quite needy at times. :eyes:
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  4. Ahhhh! your the snowflake...........:)
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  5. Like you say people leave all the time but to want to have your account deleted is really saying “enough is enough”.

    Incidentally the other person said (and again I quote)

    “Hi mate, Mainly because I can’t stand seeing people being bullied and set upon and labelled as racists etc by a bunch of ignorant mainstream media watching people, it’s just not for me and I purposely don’t indulge in the so called news for that reason.
    I know there’s a block function, but it seems the same old childish crap on every other thread.
    Secondly, half the threads n topics when you visit the site are not really bike related so it’s time to go.
    Good luck in the future and happy new year:upyeah:

    Thread closed. Please abide by the forum rules.
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  6. I’ve just had another long standing and important member ask to have their account closed and all their posts deleted.

    This is what they had to say:

    “Having been a member of this forum and the Ducatisti forum that was it's fore runner, I don't won't to personally take any part it anymore.
    The constant drivel posted by a small clique have spoilt any enjoyment that I used to have being a member.

    Could you please delete all of my posts.

    If it's OK with you I'll drop in and watch, but will never attempt to help another forum member ever again.
    Over the years I've met (and made) many good friends via this forum, some who've stayed with me, quite a few more than once, had lots of good times, stayed with other fellow forum members, inc' guys with homes on the TT course and at various race tracks all over Europe.

    But the clique that dominate the forum (I'm sure that you know who they are?) have finally exhausted my patience (and I've tried for what must be years now to put up with them) despite being given their own thread to post non related answers to whatever they still plague almost every other thread.
    I'd love to say that it's been a pleasure, but for some time it's stopped being so.

    My best regards and wishing you the best in the future. However I personally think that apart from being a small clique who like to love each other up this forum is doomed to die. If it doesn't it will have very little to do with Ducati's apart for which colour is fastest.”

    [at this point I asked them to reconsider and I received the following response]

    “Thanks for you reply Terry, Perhaps a stout slap on the wrist might work?

    I'm personally a mod' on another forum, we've only ever banned someone and he was such a wanker that even when he came back under another name/identity he managed to get himself banned again FFS! Oddly enough he was an Aussie

    For me sending you this message was a well thought out and a loooong time coming result of experiencing the drivel posted by the "Vibrant" few who dominate the forum.

    I'm sorry for giving you such a ball ache as you seem to be a decent sort...
    But I'd really like any trace of me removed from this forum, I've felt like the only member of the silent majority for way too long now.

    The Colonial really wasn't that bad he was just the final straw, (although it must be said he comes across as a complete [email protected]) I can't be arsed with spending my spare time trying to help a bunch of [email protected]
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  7. I’m at a loss to understand why anyone finds the above post funny.
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