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X-lite Helmets

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by TonyC, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Any one using an X-Lite 903?
  2. Its not that light - Weight: approx. 1.660 g
  3. Ok, thanks.
    Compared side by side with Shark CF and both felt very similar.
    The 903 is supposedly the touring & 803 the track orientated.

    looking for feedback of those using 903 on sports bike & those with experience with similar Shark.

  4. I've used an X-903 for the last couple of years after being 100% Shoei before that. They are great helmets and I fully rate them. The Army Road Race Team is supported by X-Lite so we get them cheaper but I would genuinely buy one myself at full price anyhow because I really like them. As a comparison to the Shoei I would say that the X-Lite shell is larger at my size (Medium) than the Shoei so vision is not open so wide looking up and through the corner but the build of the helmet feels stronger and safer as a result of that. I'm currently looking at buying an X-Lite touring helmet for the roads because I rate the brand so highly now.

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  5. 803 carbon is noticeably lighter than my Arai. Love the fit and the ease of use with the visor, Button clip on the chin strap is a bit fiddly.

    036870BB-462E-400B-91E4-B3402F1A4E32.jpeg 3D7B37C6-1CEC-4868-947B-D9F711613ACA.jpeg
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  6. Proper light (803 Ultra Carbon) at 1310g! Nice.
  7. I bought one last week in Matt black. Very pleased, really light, reasonably quiet. Agree with chin strap popper - it’s a pain. I had to get a S compared to a M in Arai.
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  8. I have a few helmets but I almost always use my Nexx because its so light (1260)g. Ear plugs make all helmets quiet.
  9. Thanks Fellas, good info.
    Have you used the 903 on sports or touring type machines?
    How is the wind noise?
    I’ve got an Aria RX7 which is noticeably heavier. Want something to use with my S1000XR.
    Aria great on 1299 but noisy on XR.
  10. And...which to go for?
    803 or 903?
    Like the built in sun visor

    Or, the Shark carbon fibre.
  11. I have 2 803's, both of which have been fine on both track, Pani and road, Multi, road noise difference between your bikes is likely the way the Multi delivers dirty air to your shoulders if its ok on the XR.

    No experience of the 903 but would buy another 803 if need be, the Shark CF is the same shell, Shark / Nolan / X Lite are all the same company :)
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  12. I had a Shark.
    Paint/decals chipped very quick
    pinlock would not stay in
    Quick release safety belt type chin strap popped open, some how did not engage, offputting
    The whole lining came loose

    All after one tour and very little use compared to reliable and hard wearing Shoei.
    Not impressed.
  13. Cheers JBiker,
    That is good info. Now pretty much decided on an X-lite.

    cheers buddy.
  14. what ho Dibble,
    Yep, going for an X-lite. 903 I’m thinking.
    Cheers buddy.
  15. I've got an RX7 which is outrageously loud on my BMWs1000XR (never really noticed the noise on any other bike), and my X-lite 803 is noticeably quieter and lighter than the Arai.
    The fit isn't as good as my Arai, although nothing else is, but it's still better than 80% of other helmets.
    Overall highly recommended, although the one annoyance is that the pinlock keeps moving when i open and close the visor so mists up really easily
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  16. Excellent, just what I wanted to hear.
    Same, my Aria is very noisy on the XR.
    Gonna get me one of them there X-lites.
  17. DA0157A7-63BC-4DE2-B8B0-B11270208FF1.jpeg There’s a new XLite due out soon with additional aero attachments. Similar but not identical to this pic...
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  18. Good info here. I went from an Arai Corsair to an AGV. The Arai was too noisy, heavy and I couldn't stand the visor mounting system.
    Glad to read as I'm also looking at purchasing an X-903 ULTRA CARBON to upgrade from one of the few AGV K5's I own. The internal visor is a must for me.
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  19. It used to be light, hence the name :grinning: (sorry)
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