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Xdiavel Termi - Dealer Fit

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by David Fielding, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Its a physical USB stick that the Ducati Technician uses to load a revised power/fuelling map into the bike's ECU, via their laptop. You then get the USB back. At least that's how mine works on a 2016 XDiavel and Multi Enduro.
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  2. There is some truth to it pal. But dealers will put fear of god into you, sales tactic just to sell you another exhaust. Get the exhaust installed and any Ducati specialist can upload the key onto the ecu for you. My mate bought a 2nd hand exhaust for his 2014 diavel and had it done.
  3. Hi guys new to the forum!! Need some advice. Don’t trust dealers for advice at all.
    Can you fit the termi off a diavel x onto the diavel 1260? They look the same but have different part numbers I believe. I have the 2019 model diavel 1260. Also any idea of Uk dealers for the Termi? Please help
  4. From speaking to the dealer, it’s the same exhaust, they just have a new part number as it’s compatible with both the x and 1260, I was about to purchase last week, but had to cancel when my insurance and several others I spoke to advised that as this is a race exhaust and not E marked would invalidate my policy.

    I know many will advise to say nothing, remove the race marking or just play dumb in the event of a claim, but with insurance looking for any excuse to not pay out, I didn’t want to give them an easy one. As Ducati only make one system for the diavel it’s easy for them to know what’s fitted.
    I had this with a total loss claim and they used every excuse to try to not pay out On a new bike. Took 7 months and a good solicitor to get me paid. Just be careful

    This is why I am looking at QD or Shark as they are road legal and euro 4. I have asked Ducati if they plan to release a road legal for the 2021 bike, but they won’t confirm as the new parts list isn’t complete yet for 2021
  5. Thank you for that. For some reason the xdiavel termi is cheaper. If you are 100% adamant it would fit. The i will be getting one. I understand about insurance situation. Fortunately, I am the founder of Bike Angels. We deal with motorcycle accident claims. I know what the insurances are like. I’m glad you’ve sorted with your claim. Happy to help and advise if you ever need anything. www.Bikeangels.co.uk
  6. These are the two part numbers 96481581a and 96480931a, would be worth checking, wonder if the upmap is different, but the dealer said the actual exhaust is the same.

    for insurance have you ever herd of issues with a race system fitted and claims.
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  7. Thank you fir that, I’m not worried about the MAP as I will get an independent Ducati specialist to sort it fir me. Much cheaper. Unfortunately, if it’s your own fault then they can be awkward. But what if the exhaust came with the bike when you bought it? They ask if you have modified it. It could’ve been modified by previous owner and you were not privy of it. I never claim directly with insurers anyway. They alway cut corners when repairing. I deal with everything myself. Most my clients will have been deal with it rather than their insurers. Since we are independent, we always have our clients interest first.
  8. Thanks for the info, but check over the exhaust, checking the part numbers I can’t find any reference to fitting both bikes and there may be a difference in the separate down pipe. They both have the same engine but different swing arms so there may be something different. I ordered the correct one, and it was just a conversation with parts team that said it was the same.
  9. If you look at the new X Diavel 2021 they have the same exhaust as Diavel
  10. Not sure if any one has the latest termi fitted to an xdiavel, but on my 1260 there is a stop for the side stand, not sure if this is why there is a new part number shown or if this is only for the 1260 model

  11. Thank you for the response.
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