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For Sale Xlite 803 - Camier Rep - Small

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Spence, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. As per title Xlite 803 helmet, Camier rep in scratched chrome. Brand new spare from this year. Come with pin lock, and dark visor.

    Collection preffered from SP4



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  2. I know it’s just plain black but Sportsbikeshop.co.uk are selling new under £300. Just thought you should know.

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  3. you can rely on this lot to scupper your sales :rolleyes::poop:
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  4. I just pointed out a similar but black one was £270.
  5. yes, but its interfering in peoples sales. I had the same when I put my helmet up for sale.
    Look at it this way, if you advertise your bike for sale, do you then expect people to find similar, cheaper bikes on the net and post them below your listing? all it does is deter people from listing.
  6. It also ensures that people are realistic in their sales pitch and expectations.
  7. ok, we both have different opinions. :upyeah:
  8. So anyone want to buy this helmet. Will take close offer. upload_2019-12-27_17-31-1.png
  9. Yes, they do that too.
  10. Still got this helmet. Open to reasonable offers.
  11. I'm familiar with the x802, had a few in medium so I'm wondering would the small be very tight?
  12. Which is rich....
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  13. Hi Spence, did you have the 802RR before ? I was led to believe the shell changed shape slightly with the 803 and was wondering how the fit is. Carole has a small 802RR and it’s not far off in need of replacing. Andy
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  14. Yeah you’d need to get same size.
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  15. Yes she’ll shape changed. It gave more vision and space around front in nose area
  16. I’ll talk to Carole. If you get an acceptable offer, take it as she has just had a phone call about her mum in Penarth and mum isn’t good. Andy
  17. We are all miles apart from you and fe and dibble when it comes to dissing someone’s value matey. We all have lots to learn yet
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