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Yamaha R6 To Be Discontinued

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by El Toro, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. That leaves the 636 and.. f3 675?
  2. No wonder they are looking at opening up the supersport class in racing.
  3. quite like the idea of a trick r6 race bike
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  4. Sad isn’t it but not all that surprising.

    everyone wants a 200bhp missile these days.
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  5. I've never had a R6 only that other branded one the all important CBR600,but all the 600cc models are cracking motorcycles to own,especially on the public roads but you just have to work the gearbox a little bit more.IMO
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  6. I hired an R6 in Almeria,hated it at first (gave me a headache), once you learn how to merciless with it, it was bloody good fun. I'd have one....:upyeah:
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  7. I've always bought big capacity bikes for the road, and they just end up at the track more and more. The covid year has ferked this year's track time
    completely and made next year financially non viable for me.
    I'm certain that I would be just as quick, if not quicker on a decent middleweight, and would probably improve my skillsets too.
    I think if I return to track riding in '22 that I will probably go supersport or classic as the only person I'm competing against these days is me.
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  8. Had a lot of fun on a 2003 R6. Bit slap happy but good on the road.
  9. There’s a few insta cock wombles online stating that it’s the 1000’s fault as they’re so easy to ride and with their electronics they can practically ride themselves

    lord give me strength
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  10. All the datalog download shows me from my pani R is how often I should have had the throttle open more and how often the TC kept me out
    of the ambulance. Its nice to experience big motors, but another thing completely to get the best from them.
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  11. Defo mate.

    I would actually agree to an extent (only my experience) that 1000’s are easier to ride quick ish than 600s. You have to ride the tits off a 6 to go fast on them.

    the thousands are fairly ‘easy’ to do an average lap on. But going fast on them is an entirely different kettle of fish
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  12. When you can see guys running faster or even similar lap times with a 70hp deficit, then you realise that you need to hone your skills a bit.
    I'm not ashamed to admit it's not the bike, it's the rider.
    I've said it many times, fast lads are fast on anything. The rest of us just need to enjoy what we are capable of and stay in one piece.
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  13. Try 120 deficit. A mini twins is 80 ish HP ;)
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  14. i think a 1000cc is wasted on me, im slowing down rather than getting quicker, :astonished:
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  15. Maybe Yam are keeping a slight eye on how well Aprilia will do with their 660 sports thing and put a low capacity Tracer engine in something semi sporty:no_mouth:
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  16. It’s not the worst thing to leave it as a race only product, unfortunately they seem to be leaving it in choked euro 4 spec with lights etc that we won’t need, they should ship it with a decat exhaust (doesn’t have to be a fancy Akrapovoc, just the pre euro 4 exhaust) and remove the lights and let people buy it for track days and racing stock classes
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