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Yamaha Rs100

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by jimmer, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. After reading about the shiny new R1M on the forum I thought I’d introduce my new Yam, my 1977 RS100!


    It’s actually not that new to me, bought it back in February with the intention to use it as a little town runaround and to commute on however the lockdown has ruined that as my application for the V5 is totally stuck in the ether. Previous owner went through a bit of a flat tracker / cafe racer conversion with it but there were a few wee jobs that needed finishing so I’ve been leisurely working through them. Biggest job was re-wiring the bike and chopping out all the generic, black, bits of wire that had been used previously.

    All I have left to do is sort out a dodgy connection on the rear light, find some tank badges and reinstate the oil tank and the autolube system. Or so I thought...

    Decided to rally it round the block a few times tonight as I’ve been waiting sooooo long to ride it and it was great, pulled well (for a slow thing) and had a decent top end zing and then it just cut out. Pushed it home, checked fuel (loads) and spark (big one that gave me a crack) but it wouldn’t start. Did a few odd jobs around the house and came back to it, started first time, strange. Threw my gear on and went for another lap, same shit again, accelerating hard, slowed for a junction, went to accelerate again and it cut out. No start, pushed it home, started. Revved it and it cuts out.

    So that’s where we’re up to, sorry for the state of the garage, it’s not always like this. Any feedback welcomed, this is my first 2-stroke and it’s a learning curve.
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  2. Carb jetting is the first thing that springs to mind...
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  3. Just to add....does it die electrically first or, does it conk out with the lights and battery still going??

    The latter would be fuel, the former would be electrical...obviously...start with the basics and work your way back...
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  4. I did give the carbs a good going over and set everything to standard. I noticed the previous position of the needle clip was well out, perhaps there was a reason for that :bucktooth:
  5. Ah, you see here’s the thing, the previous owner had stripped out the battery and all that gubbins so I’ve only got electrics when it’s running. So it’s hard to tell. What I do know is that when I checked spark and then tried to restart the bike I had no joy.
  6. If you had spark then you could assume its carb then (at this point) - pull the carb and check it.....make sure all the jets arent blocked for starters....does it leak fuel?
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  7. No leaks anywhere but I pulled the fuel line off the carb and it was running out at quite a speed. Will have a play with the carb again tonight or tomorrow.
  8. So, took me longer than planned but I stripped the carb again and there was some crud in and around the float needle. Cleaned all that out, checked all the settings and refitted and we’re now running beautifully.

    Gave it a blast around the block and no issues at all, just need DVLA to sort themselves out now!
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