1200 DVT Yet Another F^^^^^^ Blown Fork Seal !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by JimVee, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Bloody hell @JimVee how many chains did you buy :)

    Be interested in the (chains :)) levers and res caps when you decide on prices :upyeah:
  2. Oops cut n paste error lol only one chain n one front sprocket....sorry guys

    Someone got first dibs on the chain but put you down for the levers n res caps when I sort the prices out. There are 3 caps, DVT brake and clutch plus the rear one is the cap from the Diavel which just pops over the top and 2 small screws secure it.
  3. Any fork seals for sale:)
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  4. Would be interested in the top box and fittings depending on box colour? Or am i being stupid coz its all black?
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  5. I have the red topbox, also got the genuine inner bag if you’re interested?
  6. Can we put your "for sale" stuff in a separate thread? It's kinda polluting the subject somewhat.
  7. Pm sent
  8. The seals are the same shitty leaky ones on the XR as well :(
  9. No worries and will be putting it in the for sale section at the weekend, just answering questions when asked
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