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916 1994 916 Restoration

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Liam durrand, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. I've got 4mm torx on mine, I'm aware of the original single-use rivets that were used on these bikes, they were generally swapped out by owners when one was lost, and the parts were discontinued. I haven't really spent any time looking into sourcing them, though I noted your reference to them in your opening post - I'd be interested in hearing more - drop me a PM if you can.
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  2. It looks like the ohlins rear shock was indeed a popular upgrade on the strada.
    I seen it many times on the strada,when i bought mine it has an ohlins as well.

  3. Its strange now reading posts like this , I had a strada new in 94 and changed my rivets almost straight away for stainless button heads as the original rivets kept falling out! I'll be amazed if someone has the full set 25 yrs later . Haha , enjoying the thread .
  4. You can still have those rivets.
    Not from ducati but from suzuki or HD can't remember what it was.
    Do a search here on the forum it has been said here by a member.

  5. suzuki still offer them.
    PIN, SCREEN (4X11) 94616-22D00
    CUSHION 09320-04501
    NUT (actually a grip washer) 09148-04032

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  6. Great thread, I'm really enjoying it!

    I brought a 94 Strada in 1998 and the fairing screen was also attached to the nose cone fairing using the same type of rivets that join the side fairing halves.
    I suspect this is how the early 916's originally came from the factory.
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  7. I believe all 94 strada’s came as you described mike but was changed as the rivets had a habit of falling out. I don’t think any Strada owners I have spoken to still have the original rivets. The original owner of my bike informed me he lost a few on the way home from the dealer when he picked the bike up As well as the gear leaver falling off at the first roundabout and some of the lights not working. it’s an early 90’s Ducati nobody expected them to finish putting the bike together at the factory did they? :thinkingface:
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  8. I have done some work on mine and also owned a Moto Guzzi Califronia that had been in the garden for over ten years. When I brought it back from the dead I tried to keep what ever I had as standard even the paint, if it cleaned up okay. I fitted brand new Konis as the original shocks were not that good. I also would keep with your present shock.
    I personally would prefer to keep your bike with some of its original colours. Its up to you though which way you go though of course. Liam.
  9. I would have loved to save some of the original paint but I want the bike to look like it’s just come out of the showroom in 94. so unfortunately the only panel that can be saved is the tail section. The previous owner lived down a farm road so all the leading edges of the fairings have essentially been sand blasted and the tank has some pretty big gouges and my nose cone needs repaired so it’s not possible to save any of the original paint. It’s the main reason I got the bike so cheap
  10. Great thread Liam, I too have a 94 strada I purchased last year to keep a yellow 748 company. It’s a uite an original bike but just need the minting up like yourself and returning to original spec. Handy with the spanner’s, family in car salvage trade and bodyshop business so looking forwards to it. We lost the mother in law over Christmas so the 2 weeks off wasn’t the start of the strip down as planned. Glad to see what I can expect to come. Dreading the swinging arm removal and expecting the same pain as yourself
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