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  1. Following on from my thread of a couple of weeks ago about buying a Colin Edwards Arai helmet, I now only had 2 helemts in an eBay watch list which I've had going for years, a Steve Hislop and Nori Haga "Monza" replica. I thought "I'm safe for a while, it took me years to find the Edwards Laguna Seca, these 2 helmets never get listed in my size and mint condition" o_O ...........................A "Hizzy" appeared the same day. :worried:

    "Bollocks" :( Never mind, all is not lost, it's probably a dog of a helmet, but I must make sure, you understand. :eyes: I contact the seller for info and more pictures. He's worn it twice, it's mint inside and out, with only 2 very, very minor marks on the rear where he caught it against his house wall. :worried:

    How do I get out of this? ...............Right, I'm down that there London when the auction ends, I'll put Bidmate on the case with a bid far less than I've seen these go for in the past. I can't bid on it as I'm not near the computer, so can't get suckered in, and my bid is low(ish). That should do the trick :innocent: ..................I won it by £8 more than the next bidder at the weekend. :mad: Bugger!

    It arrived today and is a minter. :confused:







    The silver cloud is, only one in my watch list now. :) Oh, and the Hizzy is a thing of beauty. :heart_eyes:

    Shelves re-arranged to put Joey and Hizzy together. :innocent: Now where does Schwantz go? :thinkingface:

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  2. Wow!! fab Hizzy helmet and a great collection you have, very impressive indeed.
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  3. If it's a medium and you have buyers' remorse. I'm right here... :D
  4. XL, but if you are a Sikh, it might fit if you wear your turban underneath. :thinkingface:
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  5. SteveHislopTT92CregNyBaa.jpg
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  6. I'd be like a Lego man in that... :joy:
  7. Tart
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  8. That could apply to everyone on this thread...
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  9. And liars :D
  10. Phew, I'm not on the thread..... :eyes:
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  11. That's one big Swede..
  12. You're going to need a bigger shelf unit :thinkingface:
  13. I might knock through to the loft. :thinkingface:
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  14. 2e2b25b4b08c98ae6754b7dc5eddf618.jpg
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