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Best Tail Pack?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Vader, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Hi all.

    If we are allowed out this year I’m planning to got to the Pyrenees, could go last year due to Covid so hoping this year is a goer.

    Any recommendations for a tail pack? I have a supersport. It needs to be big enough from my one piece water proofs, lock and various small items

  2. Did many a trip using an Oxford Tailpack but then switched to the Ventura System.
  3. Kreiga. Thread closed :)
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  4. Mate has a kreiga, looks a bit of a faff tho? I want some thing with a top pocket or top opening?
    I’m not in any rush.
    Thanks for the replies
  5. Ogio or Dainese branded Ogio if you are a bit fancy (like me ).

    edit: Kriega is best tho, sold my Dainese bag and brought kriega
  6. Krishna. Top notch!
  7. Run that past me?
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  8. SW Motech look good but maybe bigger than you’re thinking at 24ltrs. It’s got pockets though which will be very useful.
  9. I like the look of the SW Motech. I know the Kriega is good and water proof without needing a cover. 24ltr is quite big
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  10. That looks quite good
  11. I also bought a Held for easy access and has a fixed waterproof liner. I also have a number of Kriega bags but only fill those with stuff that I will not need ‘til I arrive at my destination, too much of a faff to keep unrolling.
  12. That looks good but it looks quite wide. My super sport seat is quite narrow at the back. Like the idea of the top opening
  13. +1 for Kreiga. I have a US-30 drypack and also an R20 and R25 backpacks, all are incredible. I get what you mean about the drypack being a little bit of a faff, but there is an easy access pockets on top, could add on a small US-5 or something as well for smaller items. The fact that it's genuinely 100% waterproof makes up for the little bit of a faff and you can fit so much in there. I used it for a long wet weekend in the Brecons and it was perfect
  14. Kriega is very good. Excellent quality.

    I do find it a faff though
  15. My Held is 35cm wide, have not strapped it to my supersprt but this is it placed on top of it to give you an idea.
    4D238472-648D-4658-A0D0-C3E12334BF51.jpeg 34143FAF-3954-4FC5-BFE7-3C80729EE21A.jpeg
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  16. Kreiga US20. The straps are built in under the seat on both the Supersport and the Monster.
  17. Thank you, I quite like that
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