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1299 Evo .. How Would I Know?

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Bazzo, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. How would I know if my 2017 panigale 1299s has the evo software update ?
    I live in rural Spain, nearest dealer is about 200 mile away so never been.. used solely as a track toy and has only done about 2000miles, all track use.
    I do my own maintenance, i have the diag software and cables etc.. not having any issues with it, just thinking that if it hasn't got the evo update and its easy to aquire it maybe something I'm interested in.
    Cant remember if the diag software reads firmware version. I do have a specialist about 100mile away, but he wants €600 to map it, and for my level of riding that's just not viable for me. Its plenty quick enough already!
  2. Im pretty sure the 2017 onwards 1299 Panigale's have the evo software as standard, as in out of the factory, so no need to update.
  3. That's what I was told by my dealer also.
    The other way to tell is to try and drift it?!
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  4. Pitch it sideways on the throttle

    you’ll soon find out
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  5. Lol.. pitch it sideways... I can't afford to bin it..financial circumstances for me have changed.. I won't sell the bike, but I can't afford a big off either... I do ride it hard, normally I'm in middle of fast group, ..

    Did I see somewhere that someone said it says "EVO" on start up?.. mine doesn't.
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  6. Have you got the 8 stage traction control and Spin on Demand?
    A cost upgrade?
  7. Got traction. Not surenifnits 8 stage.. can go check if needed.. def not got slide control
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  8. Just checked.. I do have 8 stage DTC .. And from watching a promo video.. it seems if you have it set to 1 or 2.. then at big throttle openings it allows slip.. can anyone here confirm.. I've always ridden in 3 or 4.. guess I'll be trying 2 now
  9. From the DucatiForum.com
  10. Thanks ... seems about right..
    Bike has a wierd history...
    Was originally owned by a small bike dealer in Italy that ran it as a race bike from new. Frame has no vin stamped on it, just a metallic Ducati sticker, stating in Italian for circuit use only.. a mod number and a bar code.. which I can't make any sense of.
    Bike was in accident as it was bought as damaged by a UK company, from whom I bought it from, still damaged..
    Bike stands me in at about £7k including repairs.. and I've had it for 2 years, only done about 2500mile.. all track.. i jumped from a 2012 blade onto it.. so all the electronics were new to me... hence me not really knowing much about it... but as its a 2017 bike and used solely for track from new it would make sense that it has the EVO software.
  11. I bought a 2016 1299s and as part of the deal i have the Evo update later in 2017 when it was released as an option.
    if your tracking the bike I would 100% recommend it as it the TC engagement is a lot less aggressive than before, and the bike feels more settled coming out of corners on the gas.
    i was told the only wat to check if its been added is to confirm the firmware details with ducati
  12. Cheers, you have just made me have to find my reading glasses and my handbook. Spin on demand or sideslipping as it says in the handbook is only available when you have the DTC on 1, 2 and 3 in race mode and 3 in sport mode. Also I think the earlier than 2017 bikes that were updated to the evo software do come up with evo on the dash, but the 2017-onwards dont as the standard software was pinched off the earlier Superleggera and was standard from the factory. I must say though that im not brave, my settings are DTC 5, DWC 5, EBC 2.
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  13. I have the Evo2 software on my 2018 V4S. Evo Race is annunciated on the screen upon firing up. Not sure this helps.

    You sound about my pace. No medals but not hanging around either. The only place I’ve had fun with the software mod is Valencia. That loooong left hander before the finish straight. What a hoot!!
  14. You sound about my pace. No medals but not hanging around either. The only place I’ve had fun with the software mod is Valencia. That loooong left hander before the finish straight. What a hoot!![/QUOTE]

    Hey yeah, valencia... what a track.. I immediately got to grips with it, first time I ever went there was a couple of years ago..
    First time on that track, 126 riders there that day, end of the day I was 4th fastest.. can't wait to fet back there.. I'm normally mid fast group, but something at valencia just clicked straight away.
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