Fairing Painting

Discussion in 'D16 Desmosedici RR' started by TomGsy, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    Recently bought a Desmo needing some TLC. The fairing has a few marks and scratches. Any recommendations on someone to respray?

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  2. Must they be Guernsey based or is wider uk permissible?
  3. Wider UK, there are plenty of decent people here, but i’m thinking this is perhaps a bit specialist
  4. @Robarano 's mate - they all have Desmo's up there to compare too :thinkingface: but you would need to ship the panel...
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  5. Rage Designs.
    They do a lot of the race paint for BSB, special paint jobs on helmets etc but they are also Ducati specialists.

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  6. I’ve only seen one job by them on a 999R, it’s wasnt pretty, paint peeling... same on my land speed record busa that Dream Machine did for Jack Frost, peeling and bubbling - have you had work done by Rage yourself?
    I would stick to Robs mate against them two from what I’ve witnessed.
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  7. Yes
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  8. and I think we need to see some more info and pics on this Desmo project!! Sounds interesting!
  9. The speed Jarrods bike went I’m not surprised :)
  10. thanks all - i’ll make a new thread for the restoration once i get #179 on the bench.
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  11. What about Panel & Paint at Southside? Are they still going? Or Geoff Rowe up in the Forest? He used to do some good work!