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999 Just Picked Up A 999s, Calling Her Valentina!

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by TheJackal, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. A jewellers flat blade screwdriver should allow you to release the retaining peg.
  2. End of week update ana coil plug is still on its way over. Tried jewlers flat blade screwdriver and no joy. Bought a set of pin removal keys and they work a charm!

    Managed to finally fit the Exact start cables. Apparently the terminals on mine had already been modified from OEM (Exige reckons its because the originals might have snapped off) so fitting was a nightmare as they're designed to go over OEM terminals. With a bit of manoeuvring and a spacer between the battery terminals and the leads to compensate the height difference, they're finally on!

    Starting is definitely better, not a big difference in time (because of compression ratio etc) but it feels stronger.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-11-19 at 21.37.21.jpeg

    Voltage on charging (engine running) Lithium battery with the new MOSFET R/R is 14.8v. Is that within spec?

    Charging voltage hooked up to Optimate (800mA) and engine off is 14.3v.
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  3. Few carbon goodies fitted :)

    Matte carbon for the belt covers and varnished for the clutch. IMG_7668.JPG IMG_7667.JPG IMG_7669.JPG
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  4. Very nice.
    I thought about about getting the cf belt covers but the only bit you see when the fairing's on is the top bit of the vertical belt cover.
    And the main point of cf bling is the visual impact (weight saving here is negligible?).
  5. Damnit. Now you made me want to swap mine for matte carbon also. Looks much better than the gloss carbon IMO. Great choice!
  6. Gloss is period correct. Just choose mate :)
  7. Can't justify the cost of swapping mine out for gloss for now. Like the look though.
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