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Mts 1200 (2012) Not Starting After Fuel Filter Change

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by David Carlisle, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Hi guys/gals, have recently returned from a trip to France where the bike was experiencing fuelling issues; intermittent jerkiness at constant throttle motorway speeds, hesitation when accelerating, significantly reduced fuel range, and difficulty starting on the final day. Noticed a sootiness on the exhaust tip when I got home (as per pic). I assumed bad spark plug or coil.
    I changed the fuel filter last week when waiting for replacement plugs as I had the bike stripped and low and behold it wouldn't start afterwards. Then changed the spark plugs and still no luck getting it to start. Tested both spark plugs and they are sparking so doesn't appear to be ignition related. Battery is fully charged and I boosted it with a jump starter kit when cranking just to be sure. Have checked fuel lines and connections. Fuel pump appears to be priming. Bike cranks but doesn't catch. At my wits end and have no idea why it isn't starting!
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Davy 20190824_151227.jpg
  2. Err lets start from the beginning first, is everything back in order you took everything of? Did you put the fuel lines back in the right way, they can be reversed on this model? Did you put the filter with the arrow facing fuel flow?
  3. Everything back the same way Peter. Fuel lines were pre-marked. Fuel filter replaced as removed.
  4. Ok sounds like everything is in order, you say poor running fuel usage soot, you would feel when a cylinder goes down on these, it feels like a 500cc bike and tractor like riding, so my guess is your cam timing has slipped due to a belt. removal of cam covers to check condition and timing is easy to see?
  5. If that seems ok the a TPS could be the cause, have you access to diagnostics? IE JP Diag to see if any fault codes are logged?
  6. Unfortunately not. Nearest Ducati dealer is 50miles away. Good suggestion re the cam belt though.
  7. I do not have the answer but a question, how easy is it to change the fuel filter as that my next job (whilst I change a fuel sender)
  8. sometimes it can be very difficult....
  9. So in simple terms it needs fuel air and a spark all at the right time.

    you say its sparking plus you haven't interfered with the ign system bar changing the plugs.
    you haven't interfered with it getting air
    So it has to be down to not getting fuel which you have interfered with.

    when you say it turns over does it fire at all?
    Does it wreak of unburnt fuel?
    Are the spark plugs soaked with unburnt fuel since you tried to start it?
    when you fitted the fuel filter did you reconnect it the correct way? Yes check again...
    were there any plugs inside the tubes of the filter protecting it but in effect blocking the flow of fuel.
    When you turn on the ignition can you see inside enough to see the injectors giving that little spit of fuel?
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  10. Easy once you have the tank off.
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  12. You say appears to be priming.
    What do you mean by that, can you hear the pump activate and then switch off again?
    Can you smell fuel?
    Did you drain the tank and forget to tefill
  13. Just because it's priming, doesn't mean it's reaching its destination. You have spark, you have air... No fuel
  14. Apologies I should have closed thread.

    Problem was caused by a small rubber seal not seating correctly causing a blockage in the fuel flow.
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  15. exactly.....well done :upyeah: and top problem solving if i say so myself..
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