1299 Pierobon Panigale Stripped Naked.

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V4 Panigale' started by duke63, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Stunning looking machine.

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  2. Saw that on FB. Bloody cool as...!
  3. Its what Bridewell raced in US recently.

    I love a pierbon
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  4. i was also just looking at that on Facebook, i wonder what the price is?
  5. Frames are between €3k & €5k depending on materials (ali or steel) and finish.
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  6. Looks tasty! Does it improve on the Ducati frameless concept? Whatever, looks much better visually.
  7. blown away - that must represent a lot of time and ingenuity, surprised they pulled it off at all.
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  8. Check out the new XR. They have :upyeah:

    I know someone with two pierbon bikes. One very good and one ok. I keep trying to buy one....
  9. 8FC0D877-3708-407D-B06F-CF358244A4A9.jpeg
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  10. sorry, hadn't woken up - it's the 2 cylinder Pani which makes the frame replacement even more impressive.

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  11. Total porn!
  12. How did I not know that these existed until now! My god that's achingly pretty
  13. Check out the X69. The best 1000ds derived bike ever built.
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  14. Sorry yes, x60.
  15. They are surprisingly not that expensive, I am in the process of ordering a rear subframe for my 998. Cheaper than some of the monkeys are asking for second hand stuff!
  16. Cool

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  17. so clean it could be CGI ^
  18. Hmm not so sure..priced up a X80R full kit. That wasnt cheap.