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Possible Leak

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Carr01, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Just got to give my new to me 900ss a good coat of looking at, and found this lurking under the tank
    What’s the best plan of action?
  2. Is that a rust spot/hole or just the paint lifting:thinkingface:
  3. If it’s like my old one I suspect it’s a rust through situation about to let go.
    It seems a common enough problem so I’d imagine there’s a solution at hand?
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  4. Por Patch 15 putty. Then a bit of paint and polish. Simple.
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  5. You make it sound so simple!
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  6. It is. I've done it myself this year.
    Your area is small and largely hidden. If you mess it up you can redo it in a morning.
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  8. Also if you are worried about matching the paint/ finish call one of the stone chip guys to do the painting. I think you will be fine though.
  9. You really don't want to go down the road of a mild steel patch repair / paint job as that will be expensive so a metal filler is the first port of call as nothing to lose at this stage.
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  10. I hope it is an isolated area and a small one but you won't know until you investigate Anthony, it's worth looking at other side and all of rear section next to seat for similar or past repairs even. The putty sounds good and if Jez has tried it/is happy with it then worth a try. If the holes are no larger than 3mm diameter and if you are a dab hand at soldering I would highly recommend this route also as can last for years depending on where bike/tank stored etc. Would p.m. with fuller details as a bit lengthy.
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  11. I've done this too earlier this year, great product then lined the tank with their tank sealer. I used mild acid to get the rust away first, and it revealed pinholes. I've used their tank sealer on 3 SS tanks
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  12. Ffs dont try to weld it :bucktooth:
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  13. Yeah I can remember my ‘successful’ attempt at trying to arc-weld an exhaust on my friends z1000 back in the day!
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  14. Think I might seek professional advice on this as I don’t want it looking like Frankensteins forehead!
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  15. Whatever you do, don't attempt anything unless you are in at least 65F or warmer place.
  16. 18* C?
    Why’s that then?
  17. None of the fillers, spray filler/ spray paint / clear coat will work worth a damn below that.
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  18. I’ll have a chat with them good guys at Ducati Mcr in the morning, I’m sure they will have come across this before.
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